Forever. Never forgotten.

Photo by <a href=”">Sarah Medina</a> on <a href=”">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Sarah Medina on Unsplash

It always hurts to think of my Dad

Who had been gone for many years.

There are so many things

I wished I could have said to him.

He was a great Dad to us

He loved my Mom so much.

He sacrificed a lot

For the good of us.

Every time I think of him

Of how he sacrificed and cared for us

I would just tear up,

As I miss him so much.

Many people nowadays

Are so casual about love

Some do not even believe in it

Maybe they have not yet experienced it.

How fortunate I am,

That I have seen this love

A love that lasts forever

A love my parents had for each other.



Jigsz Nietes Satapornvanit

Jigsz Nietes Satapornvanit

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